Mathias Junge

“When I got to know Siggi Bergen 8 years ago, I learned that meditation requires no effort or basic knowledge and can actually be used in any everyday situation. Through mindfulness, both as a person and in my work as an actor, I am deeper in the here and now and everything around me becomes “relative” in a joyful way. Just a few minutes a day is a tremendous source of energy” and Mr. Bergen has a sensitive way of conveying it all”

“Matthias Junge became well known through the leading role of police chief Kai Timmermann in the TV series SOKO Wismar[1], which he played for 10 years from 2011 to 2021.[2] Furthermore, Junge is known to a wide audience as a film actor, among others in television series such as Tatort, Heldt, Morden im Norden, The Crime Scene Cleaner.” Source: Wikipedia

Jörg Müller-Kern

“I had no prior knowledge of meditation, nor did I realize what effect it would have on me. Mr. Bergen guided me through effective meditations in his very pleasant way. He not only opened up the space of my own silence for me, he also showed me in an impressive way a way into my own grief and my interpersonal pain in order to deal with it. That was very healing for me and an unimaginable experience, for which I am very grateful to Mr. Bergen. I wish him continued happiness in his work as a meditation teacher, and you a meeting with Mr. Bergen.”

Jörg Müller-Kern, belter and musician, Nübelfeld