Mindfulness Workshops in Practices

Achtsamkeitsmeditation im Unternehmen For several years I have been running weekly meditation and yoga workshops in various towns and cities (incl. Flensburg, Hamburg, Husum,Tønder, Copenhagen (DK) and Schleswig), also working with well-known companies.

I have worked together with doctors, engineers, VIPs and children suffering with ADHS, and this work has enabled me to develop my own techniques for experiencing inner silence as prerequisite for developing of a clear, structured mind. These techniques are based on mindfulness meditation.

I receive very positive feedback from my students, e.g. from Superintendent Per Östrand of Seatruck Ferries (customer of the Flensburger Shipbuilding Company and DNV), who has been taking part in my courses regularly for the last six months, and who gave me this reference:

„Coming from a stressed situation where you were not sure of the priorities, you learn through meditation subconsciously to arrange your thoughts in a clear and productive way.“ I also regularly take part in workshops in Hamburg, Copenhagen and Asia so that I myself can also continue to develop.

Meditation and Yoga

Many scientific studies, including ones done at Stanford and Berkeley Universities have shown that mindfulness can lead to significant changes in brain activity.
It has been proven that practising mindfulness techniques results in a rise in cognitive flexibility, creativity and innovativeness. These
techniques also achieve increased conditions of well-being emotional balance and empathy.

It is particularly interesting that people who meditate have a greater volume or density of grey matter in the hippocampus – a sign of increased stress tolerance. It is therefore hardly surprising that people who meditate appear to be more relaxed, and that they can withstand greater stress.

In short: Increase your work drive!

There are many examples of how mindfulness meditation is used by multinationals. Google and Facebook offer mindfulness training courses for their employees. Other pioneers of this practice who have made it a standard part of what they offer their staff include Apple, Unilever,Sony, GE, Siemens, BMW and Deutsche Bank.

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